Smart Q45

Smart Q45 is a hybrid puzzle and trivia mobile game from Codeexceptional currently available for iOS, Android (Google Play, Amazon App Store and Samsung Apps) and Windows Phone. In this game, players must guess a hidden image by answering as many multiple choice questions as possible in order to clear tiles that are hiding the image before either the player loses all their lives by making incorrect guesses or the time runs out. The game began production on June 2013 and was first released on app stores on April 2014. Development of this game is still ongoing as more features are being planned for future releases.

I was primarily responsible for the development of the Android and Windows Phone versions of the game where I coded the majority of the game’s frontend for those platforms i.e. adding in provided image assets, creating the primary gameplay mechanics and implementing backend APIs that we have created ourselves for specific gameplay features, generally making sure that they matched the iOS version in terms of features. This was also the first time I worked with third party plugins and APIs for mobile platforms as in the Android version of the game, I implemented Facebook’s official Android SDK and the Twitter4J library to allow players to share their scores to both Facebook and Twitter as well as Amazon’s GameCircle plugin to allow players on Amazon to sync their progress and earn achievements (We originally used the ScoreLoop API to do achievements for the game until we removed it entirely a few months ago due to the service being terminated as of December 2014).



Official Website

Google Play Store Page

Amazon Apps Store Page

Samsung Apps Store Page

Windows Phone App Store Page

Facebook Page

Twitter Page



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