Colour Catch

A simple flash game that I made in Stencyl as part of Game Prototype Challenge v16 where the two themes for this challenge were ABSORPTION and 4 COLOURS. For this challenge, I decided to do a simple mouse avoid game (since I am still learning how to use Stencyl and bearing in mind that this is a prototype) but with the twist of adding four colours where you can collect (or rather “absorb”) squares that are in the same colour as your circle whilst avoiding squares are in a different colour.


  • The game starts off with two colours but increases to three colours after 10 seconds then four colours after another ten seconds.
  • Absorbing a square of the same colour gives ten points.
  • Every ten seconds, there is roughly a 50% chance of a powerup appearing on the screen. If the player does not collect the powerup within five seconds of it appearing, then the powerup gets destroyed instead.
  • After the 5 seconds of “Rainbow Mode” are over, your circle will revert back to the last colour before “Rainbow Mode” (i.e. the last colour the circle was in when the powerup was collected)



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