This page is about the version of Balls (formerly known as The Ball) that I am planning to release as a full game. For the original prototype that this game was based on, please click here.

Balls is an endless arcade game created using the Unity game engine based on a prototype done for the 31st Ludum Dare Game Jam, currently in development for mobile devices such as smart phones and tablets.

The primary objective is to keep a coloured ball up in the air for as long as possible (whilst collecting coins that randomly appear for extra points) without letting it fall off the bottom of the screen or hit the spikes on the side (which are dynamically generated depending on where the player is making the ball go). On occasion, coloured wind zones may also appear in game, pushing the player’s ball to the sides. Every minute, the game’s difficulty level goes up permanently by one (but can go down again if the player loses a certain number of times at their current difficulty level).

The game features a simple one touch control system where you control the ball depending on where you’ve touched it (i.e. hitting it in the middle will push it straight up whilst hitting on the side will push it towards the opposite side of the one you touched it in)

In addition, the game also includes procedurally generated backgrounds that change every time you play and the option to customise the colour of the player’s ball and trail in the options menu (with seven preset colours currently available at the moment).

A HTML5 web demo version of the game (showing off some of its features) is available to play by heading to

The game is still currently in development but my plan is to release it to all major app stores (Apple, Google Play, Amazon, Windows Store) soon (estimated release date: Summer 2016). with a small beta test period before then. A closed Android beta test is currently underway and you can sign up by heading to


  • Simple to learn but hard to master one touch gameplay controls.
  • Adaptive difficulty system that scales up and down depending on how well you play.
  • The ability to customise the colour of your ball and trail.
  • Randomly generated backgrounds that change every time you play.
  • Online high score leaderboards via GameSparks.


Development Screenshots

Tools Used:

Graphics: Inkscape
Sound: Audacity


Code/Art/Sound Effects: Jason Tuyen

Additional Music and Sound Effects were obtained on from the following users –

Progress Logs

Log 1

Log 2 (Part 1, Part 2)

Log 3


Web Demo

Page for original game jam version

Balls - Endless Arcade Game


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