The Ball Progress Log 2 (Part 1)

It’s been a while (around 2-3 months to be exact) since I’ve posted something regarding the progress of my little indie game The Ball so I thought I might write up another development log detailing what I have done so far since then (Unless you happen to be one of the few people who regularly read/stalk my Twitter page by which in this case you probably know what I’ve done already :V). Since this progress log is going to be fairly big, I’ve decided to split it into two parts (this right here is part 1) to make it easier to read with the second part coming out later this week (Edit: Part 2 is now available to read here!!).

One of the changes I made to the game since the last development log I posted was to the game’s UI panels and slider bars. Instead of the generic white and grey that comes by default when building these UI elements in Unity, I’ve now replaced those with colour versions (In fact, I used the same textures that I made for the UI buttons for this).

I also created a small pop up utility object to use as a placeholder for features I have planned but not finished yet (although at the moment, there isn’t any feature in the game that is yet to be implemented).

For the instructions screen, I decided to split the single wall of text into smaller, more manageable sections (to make it easier to read and understand) and also made the screen scrollable using a ScrollRect and Mask solution.

I also made the wall of text in the credits screen scrollable so I would have more space to credit people without worrying about the text shrinking.

In the options screen, I created a feedback button for players to use to submit bug reports

Since then however, the feedback button now actually points to a bug report form.

In order to add some more responsiveness to the UI buttons, I decided to add some click sounds to the game. To improve things even further, I even added some simple animations to the UI panels.

You may remember from the last development log that I was showing off a quick coin design I did myself in Inkscape to possibly use for the game. In the end, I did eventually use them in the game as randomly spawning items the player can pick up for extra points (like pretty much every other video game out there that has collectable coins of some sort to pick up) although in the future, I may use the coins as some sort of currency for a possible upgrade/power up system in the game.

To make the coins stand out a bit more, I implemented an quick algorithm to control the number of coins that randomly spawn in the game using a random number generator and even added a simple spinning animation to the coins themselves.

I also tested my game on various device form factors (namely an old Xperia Play phone running Android 2.3, a HP Slate 10 HD tablet running Android 4.2 and my brother’s Samsung Galaxy Note 4 running Android 5.0) to see how they would look. Apart from a few rendering issues on some devices (more on this later on in part 2), the game look and ran pretty well on all the devices I tested it on without any loss of performance.

I hope you’ve all enjoyed reading the first part of this progress log and please stay tuned for part 2!!


Edit: Part 2 is now available to view right here!!


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