Progress On My Little Indie Game

Just thought I’d make a quick post regarding the progress I’ve done for the little indie game that I’ve been working on for the past 3 to 4 weeks.

As I mentioned before in my last blog post, I’ve started spending my spare afternoons turning one of my old Ludum Dare prototypes into a fully fledged casual mobile game (the reason why I chose this entry being that it was the easiest to refine and improve without any problems as well as the easiest to port to mobile platforms in terms of gameplay concept). Much of the early development for this game has been fixing up some of the bugs and problems people had with the original Ludum Dare version of the game (particularly with the controls). I also decided to improve on the generic programmer art that I did for the original game by following a few tutorials on Inkscape and creating some much cleaner art that would fit the game more appropriately. Although the game in its current state hardly looks like the original version anymore (since I decided to remove certain elements from the game and replaced them with something else in order to fit the mobile format better), the core gameplay still remains.

The game is still very much in a prototyping stage (since there are some features that I plan to implement in the future) but it is actually in a very playable state. In fact, I’ve been using Unity’s Cloud Build service to generate Android apks of my games whenever I push new changes to my private repository and sharing the link to my friends to gather some early feedback (although I have yet to share my builds with anyone else or the public for that matter). I also took a prototype of the game with me on an old Android device to the Develop Conference in Brighton last week to get some early feedback from fellow developers and so far it’s been mostly positive (with a few problems that I’ve actually addressed by now).

I’ll eventually add a unique page for the game sooner or later (that will be separate from the page for the original Ludum Dare version which I will be keeping for archival purposes) but in the meantime, feel free to check all my Twitter posts and Vines showcasing how the progress of my game so far has evolved over time.



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